“Listening to the City”- A workshop.

Adriana de La Peña Espinosa Workshops co-creation, oral history

IUR researcher Robert Nilsson Mohammadi’s workshop titled “Listening to the City” took place last September 29th at Malmö Art Gallery.  

Fifteen people from different backgrounds gathered for the workshop. Their shared interest was how urban experiences are heard in individual life stories and how oral history and public humanities approaches can engage people in urban change processes.

During the workshop, architect Francesca Cerri shared her work on urban ecological justice in Brooklyn, NYC, and Joseph Plaster of John Hopkins University shared his work with queer homeless groups in San Francisco and their struggle to access a rapidly gentrifying part of the city. 

In addition, Joseph Plaster shared his experience in letting Baltimore’s Ballroom Community take possession of the George Peabody Library, thus bringing together the library and Ballroom culture as two different ways to pass on historical experiences and create historical knowledge. 

After the lectures, the participants discussed, among other things:

  • Co-created approaches to knowledge production as research methods.
  • How oral history interviews from Malmö can be interpreted and shaped.
  • How historical resistance repertoires from Malmö can be re-staged so that historical dialogue guides contemporary struggles for urban justice.

Cover picture by Francesca Cerri.