IUR members with new research projects

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After successfully earning new grants, IUR members Fredrik Torisson, Magnus Andersson, Helena Bohman and Christina Lindkvist will start new research projects.

Accessibility and transport justice in the 15mC – a comparison between Gothenburg and Malmö

The project aims to investigate the concept of the 15mC in a Swedish urban context. In the project, we will analyze accessibility to everyday important destinations within a 15-minute range with sustainable modes of transport.

We especially want to focus on the accessibility for socio-economic precarious groups. We will also investigate localization decision-making since some localization decisions are without the scope of public urban planning. Theoretically, the project is situated within the transport justice framework (Lucas 2012, Mullen and Marsden 2016) and the right to the city (Harvey 2008). In this minor K2 project, we will focus on GIS- and document analyses. The project is run by Helena Bohman and Christina Lindkvist, dep. of Urban Studies Malmö University

Swedish Student Housing as a Field of Experimentation 1870–1970

Fredrik Torisson :

The study posits that student housing differs from housing in significant ways and explores student housing as a building typology. The study’s purpose is to develop an understanding of the interrelations between student housing design and the university, city and socius.

The research will be conducted over three years, initially focusing on a detailed overview of as many student housing projects from the period as possible and also entail detailed studies of selected projects that challenged contemporary norms in their design or function.

The study will address the following questions: By whom was student housing constructed, and why? Who was included in/excluded from student homes? What architectural means were used to manage inhabitants; why? How has the relationship between student housing projects and their cities developed? 

As society sets out to construct large numbers of student housing units once again, we must take the opportunity to learn from how earlier generations addressed the same endeavour. A historical perspective enables us to identify and address issues of prejudices and discrimination that have remained pervasive

Development of knowledge-based tools for analysis of sustainable growth

The aim of this Vinnova funding scheme is to give a person who is given the opportunity to stay and work in a new workplace. The individual shall be given the opportunity to act as a strategic link with the aim of creating relationships and contacts that can provide new conditions for a more long-term and lasting collaboration and, on the other hand, to gain access to knowledge/competence that is difficult to make available in other ways than through the mobility itself.

The project aims to develop the ability of the Department of Business Promotion at Malmö City to formulate and use scientifically based knowledge in the organization´s work to develop strategies for regional and cross-regional cooperation to promote sustainable growth. In addition to studying and mapping definitions of sustainable growth within the framework of business development, the work will be focused on regional and urban sustainable growth and business development between Malmö, Copenhagen and Hamburg. Magnus Andersson will be based at the Department of Business Promotion in Malmö City for 30 % of his working time during 2023.