CONNECT 4- International Architecture competition.


Phase 01: CONNECT 4 Design Competition – 21 May to 28 July 2023

1.1 Brief

‘Connect 4’ is an experimental project under the umbrella of the Institute for Urban Research at Malmo University in Sweden and is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Fabrication architecture competition. Connect 4 is an international competition for designing and fabricating a self-shade pavilion for a bus stop located in Lund, Sweden. The competition aims to solve 4 main challenges we are facing in our cities across the globe “segregation, equality, post-conflict rebuilding, and climate crises”. It is a trial to connect those selected 4 challenges in a game-based approach. The idea is to find common possible solutions that can have an impact on the 4 challenges while engaging the local community in problem-solving in tackling such wicked problems of our modern times. The main question to solve is: How can we utilize social and environmental innovation together with digital fabrication to connect the puzzle pieces of those four mentioned problems to design and build four surfaces of a bus shed in a participatory manner?

Proposals for an innovative temporary structure/shelter/shade for a bus stop is recommended including many sets of criteria; easy to fabricate, easy to assemble and disassemble, fabricated in one day, assembled in one day and disassembled in one day.

The design of the bus shed should offer a creative and interactive opportunity for passengers from different ages and gender to have direct interaction with each other and the bus shed walls. The 4 challenges have to be addressed in a game-based idea inside the shed structure.
The winning proposal will be built and constructed in the summer of 2023 from 21-25 August 2023, and open to the public on 31 August 2023.

1.2 Keywords

1.3 Team

Individuals and groups are welcome with no limits to the group numbers. Multi-disciplinary teams comprising members from a mix of disciplines are encouraged. Students, researchers, architects, and professionals are welcome.

1.4 Site location

55.717322, 13.230597

Lund urban living lab. It is in an experimental open-air exhibition.

Fig (1). The bus shed site location in Lund urban living lab
Figure (2) Site location and the plot for the bus shed in Lund, Sweden.
1.5 Design and Fabrication Limitations: 

The size of f the bus shed plot area is 3 * 3 m2, as indicated in Figure (2).

1.5.1 Material Limitation for Construction  

The base foundation for the bus shed is to be designed and taken into consideration within the design proposal. The total number of wood boards for the bus shed should be 12 boards, as below.

  • Wood board type/dimensions: TEAK PLYWOOD 12MM 1200X2440MM = (11 boards)
  • Wood board type/dimensions:  PLYWOOD FURU 7MM 1220X2440MM= (1 board)
1.5.2 Availability tools/machines: 
  • CNC router machine board scale 1000*2000mm board  
  • Laser cutter
1.6 Selection criteria 
  • 4 main competition challenges achieved.
  • Stability and joint design.
  • The number of supports for the foundation (light fixed).
  • Creativity and maximum shadows provided.
  • Consider protection from wind, rain and snow.
  • Less materials used in fabrication and low cost
  • Expandability 
  • Sustainability 
  • Assemble in 8 hrs and disassemble in 8 hrs
1.7 Submission format and requirements: 
  1. One A1 size poster, including the drawings;
    • Plans, section, elevation (scale 1:50) and layout scale (1:100)
    • Concept and form generation
    • Main shot + other 3D shots  + zoom in details
    • Exploded Axonometric showing the process of the assembly.
    • Shots showing the shadow effect at 3 different timing during the day, noon, and evening during peak summer.
  2. Technical drawing files 
    • 2D Shop drawings (cad files) assembled on the wood boards to be ready for fabrication/cutting.
    • Number of wooden boards that are used. 
    • 3D digital files for the model in any format (Rhino, 3D Max, Sketchup, etc.)
  3. Report A4 includes (DIY) catalog for the assembly and disassembly   
    • All the drawings, concept, and number of wood boards. Time plan for each phase, a graphic chart showing the fabrication process and the duration of each phase, the assembly and disassembly.
1.8 Awards* 
  • First honorarium  6500 SEK
  • Second honorarium  3500 SEK
  • 4 honourable mention – certificates

*Participants must provide invoices to Malmo University in order to receive the honorarium money.

1.9 Webinar (26 May 2023)

All interested participants in the competition are encouraged to join the inspirational webinar. Moderated by  Marwa Dabaieh – Malmo University, Sweden. The invited speakers are:

  • Hanna Dahy- ِAalborg University, Denmark
  • Emanual Naboni- Parma University, Italy
  • Vesna Vasiljkovic – Malmo municipality, Sweden 
  • Deena El-Mahdy -The British University in Egypt, Egypt
  • Dalya Maguid – The British University in Egypt, Egypt
  • Omar El-Geneidy – Jezzar, Egypt
  • Hendrik Benz – RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Sadiq Gulma – Malmo University, Sweden
1.10 Jury (8 August 2023)
  • Marwa Dabaieh – Malmo University, Sweden
  • Hanna Dahy- Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Emanual Naboni- Parma University, Italy
  • Alex Cochrane- Sweco Sweden  
  • Deena El-Mahdy -The British University in Egypt, Egypt
  • Dalya Maguid – The British University in Egypt, Egypt
  • Omar El-Geneidy – Jezzar, Egypt
  • Vesna Vasiljkovic – Malmo municipality, Sweden
  • Christian Wilke – Lund municipality, Sweden
  • Hendrik Benz – RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Phase 2: Construction and assembly workshop (23 to 24 August 2023) – Call for volunteers 

  • Two full days for construction and assembly for the winning proposal from competition Phase 01. 
  • It is not a must that the participants of the winning project are the same team to build. Thus, the winning proposals will be built by other participants (call for volunteers) – phase 2.
  • This phase is open for any participants even if they did not participate in the competition phase. 
  • Participants should cover their own expenses; visa, flight, and accommodation. However, Malmo University will support with an invitation letter for those who need a visa upon registration in this phase. 
  • A registration form and portfolio are needed during the registration in this phase.
  • 5  Participants will be selected.   

Timeline of the competition/workshop
Important dates
  • Online webinar: 26 May 2023 at 14:00 to 16:00 
  • Phase 01: Competition Entries/registration: 1 May 2023 – 1 July 2023
  • Phase 01: Competition submission deadline: 28 July 2023 
  • Results announcement of Phase 01: 8 August 2023 
  • Phase 02**: Fabrication on-site workshop registration: 1 May 2023 – 1 June 2023
  • Participants’ acceptance in Phase 02: 10 June 2023
  • On-site work: 21-25 August 2023 (Optional to join from 21 to 25)
  • Assembly on site: 23-24 August 2023 (volunteers)
  • Opening for the public: 31 August 2023

** Participants can share in one or both of the phases / they are separate. 

Participating in both phases (competition/workshop) is free of charge. 

Contact (Q&A) – 

Copyright and publication statement: 

All the team members give permission and full rights to use and share their content; drawings, diagrams, maps, charts, plans, and models online in websites, blogs, social media, or any other type of publications with keeping the rights and acknowledging each team. The team members accept to give the rights to construct their project on-site, as mentioned in the competition in case of (the winning project) with acknowledgement and keeping their rights even if they are not sharing in the construction phase. Malmo University has the right to use, share and publish the projects, whether they win or not, in any media online and offline. With entering and sharing in the competition, the participants approve that the project submitted is done on their own and none of the third parties are responsible for the project.